Commercial Auto and general Liability Insurance in ceres, manteca, modesto and all of California.

Whether your company has a large fleet of vehicles or only a couple vans, call Wyatt Insurance Agency. We offer the lowest rates around for commercial vehicle insurance in the Ceres, CA, and Manteca, CA areas.

We understand how vital your vehicles are to your company's success, and we ensure you and your fleet receive the best protection available.

California has specific requirements that your commercial vehicle insurance must meet. For example, you must purchase a commercial policy if your vehicle use meets any of the following specifications:

  • Business-related operation. If you use your vehicle for deliveries, messenger services, or client transportation, you must insure it as a company car rather than a personal one.
  • Company-owned. Similarly, you must acquire a commercial policy if your vehicle is registered or titled to your business.
  • Equipped with specific additions. If your vehicle has extra equipment, such as a snowplow, you must invest in a commercial insurance policy

When you come in for a consultation, tell our experts exactly how you use your vehicle. We'll find you a policy that suits your needs and meets all legal requirements.

Discover Various Coverage Options

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Our options for commercial vehicle insurance in Ceres, CA, and Manteca, CA, include:

  • Collisions
  • Comprehensive
  • Liability
  • Medical
  • Uninsured or under-insured

When we put together a free, personalized quote for your business, we also consult with other companies to provide you with several options. We consider your budget, vehicle type, and preferences before we make recommendations.

Whether you need to update your policy or want to look at other alternatives, Wyatt Insurance Agency offers the coverage you need. Call us now at 209-537-8922 in Ceres or at 209-239-5002 in Manteca. You can also contact us through email at or through our contact form.

Keep your business well protected

You worked too hard to build your business up, but to have it put into debt because of one bad liability claim. So work with our experienced agent to make sure that your business and employees are covered by our commercial liability protections

We can find the proper protection amount by looking at a wide range of risk factors - we'll walk you through every step of the process.

Liability policies for:

  • Contractors
  • Retail shops
  • Offices
  • Landscapers
  • Organizations and associations

Liability umbrella protection:

  • Over Commercial Auto
  • Over General Liability

"The coverage that matters most"

While you do want as much protection as possible, your insurance premiums shouldn't be a burden on your business.

Our agents will find the best rates from policy carriers